Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blanca 3b

blanca top most

the best flim that i have ever seen:titanic

the starngest thing I've ever eaten:shusy

the most exciting place:ibiza

the most interesting person:my mother

the most dangerous thing that i did: I drove a car

I drove a car once two years ago
in Torazo with my aunt and my sister.
The experiencie was terrible because
I crashed into a tree because I was
very nervous


Irene said...

Hello blankina!I saw this film with you in your house!We spend a good time there!I hope that we will go to Ibiza when we grow up!I love youuuuu blankinaaaaaa
you mustn't be sad!!I am Irene!!

Anonymous said...


you write a short tex... hehehe


Anonymous said...

Was you on Ibiza? I heard beautiful place from, there I would like to choose too. Best wishes

Łukasz R. 3G

Anonymous said...

Titanic is beautiful film but why Jack died !!!

Karolina 3g

ola 3g said...

oh Titanic ... Wonderful film ;)
I never eat sushi ... Is there really such horrid?
best wishes