Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laura 3ºC


The strangest thin I‘ve ever eaten was: glue (when I was a child).xD

The best film I’ve ever seen was: Pearl Harbor.

The most interesting person I’ve ever met: all people are interesting in different ways!!

The most exciting place I’ve ever been to is: Valencia,  the oceanographic.

The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is: I think that if you do one thing it mustn’t be dangerous at all… or not?

The best film that I’ve ever seen is Pearl Harbor.

At first, when my mother said to me that she had taken a film for me I didn’t like it , but later when I saw it I thought that it was amazing. The film talks about two boys that are pilots of war planes. When they were older one of them had a girlfriend but he had to fight in the war. One day he falls into the sea and everybody thought that he died, so his girlfriend continued her life with the other boy(Danny).Months later the other boy came and he got angry with his girlfriend and boy. In the end Danny died and the boy and the girlfriend had a son that he was called Danny.

One of the actors is Ben Affleck that is a very handsome boy!!!!

See this film because it is a beautiful history!!

Laura 3ºC

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Anonymous said...

Your story is interesting but for me the film would be too sad.

Magda S., Poland