Friday, April 11, 2008

Maria 3ºB

*The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten, I think it’s the carpaccio.
*The best film I’ve ever seen is V of Vendetta.
*The most interesting person I’ve ever met is….well I think that I still meet a person really interesting…x)
*The most exciting place I’ve been is Austria or Bretagne (I love them, and every holidays we can we go to Bretagne ^^)
*The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done…Maybe, it was when someday I was in my swimming pool and I tried to be under the water a lot of time…I don’t really know what’s the dangerous thing I’ve done, I’m so quiet. :P

The most exciting place I’ve been:

I think it was Austria.
My family and I, travel a lot and we love it.
One day, when I was six years more or less my parents thought that it was a good idea to travel to Austria, because they wanted to go there. And then they began to prepare the trip.
Finally we went by car and we stayed in Italy (In Pisa and Florence) f or some days, it was great!
Some days later, I think it was a week because we stayed in Italy a lot, we arrived in Austria. It was really cold, and there was snow too. It was a beautiful view from the hotel and I had a very good time there. I want to come back!!


Anonymous said...

you want in Austria? super!! I envy you... :)

Justyna F. IG

Anonymous said...

From this what you write, that you have on diver payments on account :)
I envy visited places :)
I greet

Sylwia K 3g

Anonymous said...

Wow... 8D Beautiful photo... Alpy's are fantastic and exciting in Austria... There are the most beautiful... Fine posts... Best wishes... xD

Dominik 3g

Anonymous said...

it had to be incredible.!

monika p.from 1g

Anonymous said...

When i was on swimming pool one week ago, i do the same and i later cant catch breath ;DD

magda 3e.
ps. beautiful photo ;))

Anonymous said...

In winter we have some snow, too.
Magda S., Poland