Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pablo 3B

  • The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is kus-kus

  • The best film I’ve ever seen is The Lord of The Rings

  • The most interesting person I’ve ever met is Iván De La Peña(a football player)

  • The most exciting place I’ve ever been to is Portaventura

  • The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is to put the head out of the window in a very high hotel.

The most dangerous thing i’ve ever done is to put my head out of the window in a very high hotel. This hotel is the Bali, it is in Benidorm and it’s the tallest hotel in the mediteranean coast of Spain. I was on the 37th floor and from here you have a very good view over the Mediterranean Sea; but my fatal idea was to spit down. When I was spitting, my father seized me from my hips because I didn’t know that I was going to fall down. After that I felt dizzy because of the nervous.


Anonymous said...

I like too The Lord of The Rings
it's the best film
you are right
Pawel 1g

Anonymous said...

Not nicely, not nicely so spit :p
Well, that father in time You caught and you didn't fall out from this window ;)

I greet

Sylwia k3g

Anonymous said...

Hi!!We are Dany y Manu we think that it was very dangerous.It's very interesting to know it.
bye bye