Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ula, 3g

1.The strangest thing I've ever eaten is cats food( I wanted to check the taste!:)

2.The best thing I've ever seen is a room, which was all in red with white dots( on the Art lesson;)

3.The most exciting place I've ever keen is Greek island, Skiathos.

4.The most dangerous thing, I've ever done was swimming from the beach on island to ship on the sea.

5.The most interesting person, I've ever met is me :D

6.The best films, I've ever seen is "Capitan Corelli's Mandolin", "Edward Scissorshand", "Pirates of Caribbean".

7.The best book, I've ever red is Harry Potter( it isn't original, I know:)

8.The best-looking actor, I've ever seen is Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in "Pirates..." ;D


When I was in Greece on last holidays, one of the extra excursions was a ship cruise to the island- Skiathos. The weather was great...the sun was shining, it was a slight wind, water had blue, turquoisse was like a dream:)

When we arrived on the island, whe had free time to tour antiques and region...Skiathos has a special atmosphere and climate...

Later our group went on the beach- Koukonaries, when sand shone like a gold, because it was granules of mika in it. Our ship was staying not far from beach and all people, who wanted, could swim to the ship and jump to the sea from special board. It was amazing! I love Greece and I hope, some day I'll go there again.

In the photo me & my brother on the ship:)

Ula, class III "G"


Anonymous said...

grece is very beutiful..
nice work.



Anonymous said...

oo ! I love film "Pirates of Caribbean" is very grate !
nice photo ;)

Kasia 3e

ola 3g said...

Nice photo ;)
I'm like Harry Potter too ;)
Best wishes ;)

Anonymous said...

I know you from school ;DD

Yess, Johnny Depp is really good looking ;DD

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

I'm Dany from Spain I also like pirates of the Caribbean and read Harry Potter.
Bye kisses

Anonymous said...

Once i saw a red room in my dream.
Magda S., Poland

TAMARA said...

Hello!!I love the beach.I would like to know this island.I like the sea.XXX

cristina said...

hello! I have never read the harry poter. I have never eaten cats food.

Adrian said...

I have never eaten cats because it's disgusting,but I have seen the film"Pirates of Caribbean" in the cinema.

ALBA said...

Hello Ula, I haven't eaten cats and I would never like to do it.
Also, for me one of the best books it's Harry Potter.

Adriana 3G said...

Wow ... ! What a beautyful girl xD ;)
I love Harry Potter :*;* and Pirates of Caribbean but this film is sometimes boring ...
Johny Deep is good loking and Roofi xD xD sorry.
bye ;*;*;*