Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sylwia K. (3 "g")

My plans for Easter

The holidays at Easter in my family begin, as in majority of houses, on Palm Sunday when we are successful from palm to church, to celebrating entrance to Jerusalem Jezusa's.

We go Maundy Thursday again church then. Similarly it is also on Friday. How what year on Great Saturday I will go f rom parents and brother to dedicate basket Easter, and in him : salt, pepper, sausage, bread, egg, horse-radish, Easter spinnig cake, by hand paint Easter eggs. Then we go to grandmother to the country where whole family was has gone down was. Next day about 6.00 morning { for me then the centre of night ) we go on resurrection mass. We after return from church sit down with whole family to breakfast things on which consist from yesterday consecrated blessed food.

More curiously however for children, though also and adult it is on Casts Monady. Every since morning runs from fire engine, though this at me turns into in pail often or different large, capacious object. Such "holiday toll” place has to time until some from I am it will not get spasms, that we are wet to dry thread again.

I like Easter very much, especially when is in set whole family.

Tiny lamb has zloties horns

It looks after on grass Easter eggs from watercress,

When nobody sees,

Paper flag floats and it bleats silently:

Merry Alleluia!

Sylwia K., class III "G"


IVAN 3ª said...


Your photo is very interesting.....
the chicks are very nice jajajja

the photo is very beautiful!!!!

olga 3ºA said...

Hello Sylwia!!!
Your photo is very entertained!
I like your comment.

Lucia said...

I like very much your fhoto
In a town next to infiesto people paint eggs.

laura said...

your photo is very beautiful and funny.

your text is very interesting.

Adrian said...

In Easter also I go the church with the palm.