Saturday, March 22, 2008

Klaudia, 3 E

Easter in Poland:

Easter is a very special time in Poland. Everyone who is a Catholic, prepare a lot to this feast. People are often doing colour eggs. It is great fun. Parents with their children take eggs and draw something on their. We have got Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then Saturday. In this day we prepare our basket, where there are some slice of bread, horse-radish, salt, some cake, eggs and other. We go to the church and priest bless the food. We spend all day with family. It is moment when everybody have got time to other. It is special. In Good Sunday we do a big breakfast. At first we eat this food which was bless from priest and than we eat everything else which was prepare. For children the best day in Easter celebrity is Good Monday which is rain Monday. In this day everything is allow. We can pour water and they you can see people who are all wet. What is good too we have got a few free days so it is fantastic for us. So, I think that this everything about our celebrity in Poland.

Klaudia, class III "E"


Anonymous said...

it's very interesting

In Spain is different xDD

Victor said...

In spain we also paint eggs in a town next to infiesto.


selene said...

hello klaudia:

It is not very habitual to paint eggs at Easter and our godparents give us a ring-shaped roll of chocolate
bye bye

Paula said...


You costumes are very interesting...

I don't like painting eggs because
I get dirty with the paint...=)

bye bye

alba 3a said...

Hello Klaudia!!!
I like your comment!! It is fantastic!!
To paint eggs sounds entertaining enough.
But here it is not habitual.
bye bye kisses...

ALBA said...

Hello Klaudia, your Easter is very interesting.
I also have got some traditions in Asturias.
I would like to colour eggs.

Bruno said...

Your tradition is very funny.