Friday, May 9, 2008

Ronald 3B

WHEN I am 64…..

In 2058 the world will be drier, obviously, all the things will be electronical,like small robots,household devices,computers,machines..
But I also think that by that time we’ll be able to make green energy yet!!
We will be able to go from one place to another by flying cars!!.. but they will be much expensive ☹ so, not all the people will have one.
As for sports, football will still be the king of sports..
Obaut me, I think that I will be a bit fat,because in the future we will eat more snacks and fast-food. I will be less tall and more angrier!!
My tastes will be the same as now I think!! I will like computers, new techonoly and sports!! I will see all the sports competitions on TV.
And easily my job will be something obout computers,a computers shop maybe☺, and I’ll be a coach of an athletics team or a football team.
My life will be out of Spain, in an English-speaking country like EE.UU , U.K or in a country in the center of Europe.
So,this is my prediction obout the future, there are some bad things but most of them are very good!! Bye bye!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ronald!

Really nice foture jeje


IVAN 3ºA said...


the photo is very interesting.....

do yoU live there?


Anonymous said...

I have however hope, that world will not be until so computerized how you write :) But generally very curious image :) I greet

Sylwia k 3g

Anonymous said...

Nice photo !
and I'm not sure that world will be like you write .. :)

But very interesting is what you write

Best wishes ;*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

I'm Manuel, I also will live in the USA. And I will work in a computer city.
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi ¡¡¡¡
I don't think you were fatter than now because you will do a lot of sports

Meeting Point Blog Team said...

Hi Ronal
I like your photo


_GoToSleep_ said...

Hmmmm... Fantastic ! xD

Maybe in future we will go by this to work ? xDDDD

Maybe I'm a dreamer ... But i don't know what will be in future ... :)