Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Klaudia (3 e)

Now I’m sitting in my bedroom and I’m thinking about future. How will look the world after 100 years? I hope that it will be fantastic and better than today. I think that the technology will be better and a lot of thinks will be doing by some robots. People will have less duties. I think that we will have special cars or planes and everybody can have this e.x. I will go to school by my own plane. This will be normal . We will have food in colour tablets. We don’t have to cook and we don’t have to do anything to eat. Only thing which we must to do it will be take the tablets. E.x. Blue tablet it will be orange juice and yellow it will be banana. The question is can it better for us? I don’t think that yes but maybe. What about other things? We don’t have to go to the shop to buy something because everything we can buy in internet. Clothes.. food..robots and other.. So we don’t have go out. Oo.. and we have the television which will be in 3D. Everything will be easier and less stress. I like this vision of the world but by myself I prefer this world. I know that sometimes it is very hard and we haven’t got strength to do this things but it’s better than do nothing.

Klaudia, 3e


Ctistina 3C said...


I believe that the future will be more or less as now.

Tama* ..|| said...


Enjoy your summer !

Anonymous said...


good futures..=)

bye bye


_GoToSleep_ said...

Hmmmm ...

Greetings , Concerts are good for all. :-)

But i want summer time ! xD

patryq94 said...

yee 3D television;) how about 4D?? xD
nice picrute ;)
i like concerts xD

greetings ;]