Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ana 3ºC

I’m going to talk about how I want to be my life when I’m 64.
First, I’m going to talk about my family and my house:

I’ll live in a big house with an enormous terrace, a swimming pool and a very big meadow, and it will have a pier for my boat, house will be placed in the outskirts of a village next to a really beautiful lake. There, I’ll live with my husband, a handsome and sportsman. In the lake and near it, I and my family will play many sports, like: athletics, swim, tennis…
My husband and I will have an excellent health like all the family (my parents include) I’ll have one son and one or two daughters. My son and one of my daughters will be a famous sportsman and woman, and the other, if I have one will have an important and well-paid job. Some weekend, they and my grandsons will visit me. On Sundays, all the family will join the terrace or in the garden of my house for eat a delicious meal cooked for my son and my daughter. In the sunny evenings we will sail in the lake or playing sports.
In the summer and maybe in the other seasons I’ll travel around the world with my husband and sometimes with my friends or my son. And I’ll also visit my village, Infiesto always that I can.
I think that this is not a description of my future life this is a dream, and I hope be lucky and this dream become reality.

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