Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rafał Sz, 3 G

I would like to be a millioner. I'm going to live in Las Vegas. I wish to
open my own restaurants with casino, in Vegas and all over the world.
Me wife will be a very famous model we will have four kids. I wish to have
a football team, like Roman Abramovich. I will buy a tropical island, red
Ferrari, Porsche and Harley Davidson. I will be the richest man in
the world.

Rafał Sz, 3 G


ola 3g said...

I hope that your dreams will fulfilled ;)

best wishes ;)

KoljA said...


What a lot of money! It's really nice!


selene said...

your future is very brilliant...

In the future I live is Buenos Aires whit my family and my horses.....

bye bye bye bye

Anonymous said...

...a nice future..!!!=)

bye bye



ALBA said...

Hello Rafal, I think your plans are very good and also ambitious but I hope your dreams will come true.

Anonymous said...

I think your future plans are grate !

Angelika S

Adriana3G said...

What yoy said ? Are you crazy ??
Hehe, sory. Nice, nice ;)
Bye :)

Anonymous said...

Cool dreams for them only to come true ;)

Paweł K. 3g

Anonymous said...

Hehe you have got a really good plans for your future. I like it .

Good luck ! ;)

Kasia 3e

_GoToSleep_ said...

O.o Money Money Monet !!! ;]

See you...

PatrykA said...

it is my money