Monday, June 16, 2008

Have a great summer!!!!!

All the students at IES Infiesto that have taken part in this project want to thank you for your collaboration and your comments. It's been a pleasure to share this blog with you all.

We specially want to thank your teacher for making this blog possible.

Have a fantastic summer! Hopefully we'll talk to each other again next school year!!!


TAMARA said...

Hello!!I wish a few happy vacations you.I will try it.XXX

IVAN 3ª said...


the summer is very very interesting!!!!!!

beacause.........are the..........the swwiming pool.......beach...

byeee byeee

Anonymous said...

I wish you a happy summer

Tamara*.. said...

Hello !!

Happy vacations !!

kises !!

Tamara*..|| said...

Hello !!

Happy vacations !!

kises !!

Cristina 3C said...


I hope you have a great summer¡¡¡

and I hope a good summer too.

bye bye¡¡¡¡

Victor said...


I was charmed with the blog and I hope to be able to continue next year.

1000 Kisses!

ALBA said...

Hello teacher, I've liked very much this blog, because I've learnted much and it's very funny.


Anonymous said...

great work keep it up