Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maria 3B

I have a very pessimistic view about the future.Maybe we won’t live up to 2058.But, If we do, we will have a lot of problems.For example with the water;we won’t have enough water for all of us and this will be the trigger in a lot of wars.
The sun will be harmful for all living beings and we will have to live underground to solve this problems, and the plants and the animals will start to die slowly.
It will be a poor society, so maybe, I won’t have a job.And my house will be underground too, like a refuge.
I don’t know very well what I will look like the only thing I know that I will be married and I will have a son and a daughter.

María 3B


Ula, 3g said...

It's really pesimistic version:/ Maybe it won't be as bad in the future :D
bye ;P

Anonymous said...

why you thinkink like this? we must be optimistic :P:P
but i think that this is very orginal idea:P:p

ola p-j 1g