Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I think the world will be very different in 2058. I can see myself as an old woman. I will live in a city and I will have a lot of children and grandchildren, but I will live alone because my relatives will have their families and their jobs, and my husband will be dead as he will be older than me. I will live in a flat, in a small flat, but it will be very comfortable. My dreams will come true. I will became a confectioner and I will travel all over the world.


Anonymous said...

I like your dreams is beautiful and ..

and nice photo ;P

Karolina Sadowska

Anonymous said...

In the future we will also dance in the disco!!!lol

I will travel a lot in 208l and be a lively old woman...=)

bye bye...


TAMARA 3A said...

Hello!!Cuba is a good country to visit.You have to go.It is fantastic.XXX

_GoToSleep_ said...

nice nice nice ;)