Monday, May 19, 2008

Klaudia (3 e)

When I'm 64 years old, my life will be like this:

I will be a doctor in big and the best hospital in Lublin. I will have a
big house in city where I'm going work. My house will have swimming
pool,basketball court, tennis court. My life will be very comfortable
and good. I don't have to worry about anything because everything will
be prepere from special people who will be work for me. Yes... But I
will pay them a lot of money for their work. My parents will be live
with me. They will have special rooms only for them. I will have husband
who love me and we will have two sons and one doughter. We will be happy

But this is only my dream for future. I must work a lot to have life
like this. ;))

Klaudia, class 3 "e"


Anonymous said...

oh! It`s very interesting dreams. I wish you grant it. ;) You will been the most athletic grandmother in Lublin, when you have so rich sport base. ;D

Amanda 3e ;)

IVAN 3ºA said...


your photo is very interestin..........because the paint is very happy...

lucia said...

I like your dreams.Buf I wouldn't like to be a doctor.
Your garden is very big.
You have a lot of children¡

_GoToSleep_ said...


I want be a doctor too ;)

Photo nice profil nice tekst nice ;)

Best wishes ;)