Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pablo 3B

When I’m 64...

In 2058... I don’t what will happen but I have two very different ideas. I’m going to talk about them:

First possibility is that theworld will be made of new technology. All natural places and wild resorts will be destroyed because of us and our contamination. There won’t be any plants left or only a few of them.
Appart from the dissaster of the world, the humans will be fatter than now because all the robots will do our work. We will have strange and sophisticated vehicles like flying cars or our own spaceship for travelling to our second house on the moon to spend the holiday!!

Second possibility is that the world will be like in the origins or a bit changed because the humans will have emptied all water and petrol sources. The humans will live in rustic , old houses without any tipe of modern technology.

Anyway, I think that we must control our activity to save the world and to progrees in technology preserving the nature; because the earth is the best thing we’ve ever got.


Anonymous said...

We are Dany and Manuel.We think the same like you , that the world will have a lot of technology.But we don't think that the humans will be rustic like in the origins.ByeBye

Anonymous said...


Very interesting note and nice photo ;D
You have a lot of imagination .. and very good idea .. :)
Best wishes ;*

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

I think that the cars will be very different.I also think that the robots will make our work and that te planet will be contaminate.I don't think that we will be fatter,because some people will continue having a heath diet.

Anonymous said...

you are next person who have the same idea:P:P

i think that it's good because we will have better life:P

ola p-j 1 g

_GoToSleep_ said...

Robo in space ? xD