Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Selene 3ºC

WHEN I’M 64…….

When I’m 64, in 50 years, I’ll have a job as an architect and earn a lot of money. I’ll have a big house in the country, and a skyscraper with apartments in New York. I’ll be very rich.
I'll have short white hair and I will be old.
I'll do extreme sports (parachuting, diving) three days a week.
I’ll live with my husband, he will be very famous, and my daughter will be a singer.
My children will have their own lives.
I’ll go on holidays 5 months of the year and visit the world.


Anonymous said...

I like your composition. But I don't know whats write.. you are very optimist. I like this..:)

Karolina Sadowska

Anonymous said...

ohh... is it a dreams? .. it think.
very optimistic. ^^ great.

monika 1g

Anonymous said...

wow, i see that you want to have crazy old life . i like it. my dream is have crazy life ;D but i dont know that my wish can come true ;))

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

I hope your dreams will come true.

_GoToSleep_ said...

beautiful house ! ;] + for you