Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aitana 3ºC

When I’m 64 years old, the world Hill be a wonderful place. We will be very funny and we will have a lot of parties.
I will travel around the world with my husband.
I will be a psychologist and I will be very rich.
I will live in a very big house with a swimming pool and a big garden with exotic plants, the house will have five rooms and a big sitting room. My house will be in the country near a lake where we’ll practise sailing with our little boat.
I will live with my husband and we will have 2 daughters and they will be twins.
I will have a lot of horses in one part of my garden and I’ll practise horse-riding everyday.


Anonymous said...

intresting plan for a future :P

your life will be very good:)

i hope that your dreams come true good luck:)

ola p-j 1g

Anonymous said...

I have plans just like yours ^^ maybe I want to have 3 children, but, being rich and having a big house is very interesting:)
I hope you'll can make your dreams some true:)
Asia B. 1 g

ola 3g said...

Why would you like have a twins? Is it your dream? It's interesting ... Probably I wouldn't sustain with twins ;)

Good luck in your resolve ;)

ivan 3ºa said...


your photo is veru interestin because..........the house is very beautiful!!!