Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fernando 3ºC

When I’m 64 years old , My life Hill be like this:

I will be a professor in the university of Oviedo. I will have a big house in Biedes with a swimming pool, tennis court… My life will be better than now because I won’t work in house thanks to robots. My sister will live in Germany. I will have a fly car (Ferrari) with a system of holograms.

Good , this will be my life in 2056. In short , it will be a good life


Ula, 3g said... want to be a proffesor? ambitiously :D
Swimming pool, tennis court, flying cars are good idea ;p

bye :D

Anonymous said...

cool car :) Very interesting life :D house with swimming pool.... owesome ;D

Justyna F.

Anonymous said...

i hope that your dreams will come true good luck at university:P

ola p-j:P 1 g

Anonymous said...

Heh ;D
Nixce photo :) and you are very ambitiously .. :) That's very good :)

Best wishes :)

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

really great photo ;);p
I see that you have got a lot of plans and dreams to future. it really good. flying car? very intresting ;dd

Klaudia 3e

Anonymous said...

but what about family? do you want to have children and grandchildren? ;p I like your idea about the amaizing car ^^

Asia B. 1 g

ola 3g said...

Swimming pool, tennis court, flying cars ... Everyone will want these ;)

best wishes ;)

ivan 3a said...


the photo is very

the heiniken is the water jajajajajajaajajajaj!!!


kolja said...

hello really nice photo!