Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amanda, 3 e

Yesterday, I became 64 years old. One year ago I had Nobel Prize for analisys for genetic engineering. I feel successful and lucky. I found cure for a lot of illnesses. I love my work.

My family life is very good and quiet. I have got a daughter and a son and 5 granddaughters. Obviously, I have got the most brilliant husband in the world!!! He never forgot abort flowers for our wedding anniversary .

In the past I had got a rock band. For today I often play the electric guitar. My children laugh at me. From time to time I like riding my Harley (it is the best motorbike ).

I think my life is very interesting. I believe my friends have written my interesting biography.

Amanda, class 3e


Anonymous said...


I hope your dreams will come true


Tamara ! said...


Yuor life is very interesting !!
the Harlie is very beautiful !!

Kasia,3g said...

Hello!I don't like motorbike:(but your plan is great:*bye

TAMARA said...

Hello!!!!!I hope that your desires are fulfilled .I have similar desires.XXXX

_GoToSleep_ said...

Hmmm Nobel's Ducat ? Ye ? xD ^^

It very good specimen ;]

See you ^^