Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cristina 3ºC

When I'm 64...

The world in 2058 will have a lot of modern technology. People will have more possibilities to work. The cars will be less polluting. In 2058 I'll be 65 years old and I'll be working.

I will be older ( not very old-fashioned). I'll have a big house with big windows, so there is a lot of light. It will be light green with gardens and lots of colourful flowers, with some trees for shade and a table, so I can have luch on sunny days. There will be dogs and cats.

I will be rich and I'll travel when I have time

My parents will be old and retired, and I will look after them. My brothers will be studying or working.


Anonymous said...

animals are great for old life.
I hope that your future will be perfect.

monika 1g

Anonymous said...

What a nice future!
What job will you do?
Magda S., Poland

_GoToSleep_ said...

beautiful house ! ;] + for you