Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Manuel 3C

I am going to talk about what I think about life in the future, when I'm 64.
When I'm 64 years old, I will be older and I will have white hair. I will live in Denver(USA), because it will be one of the places in the world that won't be governed by the Chinese people. I will have a small house with a lot of technology. I won't be married and I won't have any sons, but my brothers will be married. I hope I will travel around the world, speaking English and meeting important people. I will work in a technology shop with a lot of computers.
This is what I think will hapen in the future.The most important thing of this is that the Chinese people will govern the world.


Ula, 3g said...

Chinese people will govern the world? Wow, it'll be horrible :D
Why you don't want to have a wife and children? xD


Anonymous said...

Why you don't want to marry ? :D

I want live in USA too ;DD

magda 3e

Anonymous said...

You will feel lonely if you don't have a wife :) I wish you owesome wife ;D

Justyna F. Ig

Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed woth chinees people??? i'm afraid that you won'y be able to speak english around the world because the international language will be chineese:P:P

best wishes:)

OLa p-j 1 g:P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha :)

Do you like chinese people so much ? ;D
I'm afraid of me.. :) because I can't speak chinese :)

Best wishes :P

Kasia Ig

Anonymous said...

no wife? no children? you'll be lonely...:) I think you'll change your plans about it! ^^ but living in USA is cool:)
best wishes:)

Asia B. 1 g

Ola 3g said...

Why don't you have wife and sons? in one's old age you'll so sadly if you will be oneself.

Best wishes