Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Axo 3ºB

When I am 64 years old, I suppose that the World will be very different.

First, I am going to speak about how Spain will be different in 59 years.

By now water causes a lot of problems…these problems are that water is going to disappear, is going to be contaminated etc

Because of that, I hope that water won’t exist in 2058, but thanks to the new technology people will be able to make water with machines at home. We will only need rain water (It won’t be very healthy but with this machine we will clean it).

I hope that the world will be small for all the people and most of the houses will be placed on top of the sea.

I will live in the same place that now because the houses will be very expensive in the future and I also think that the hobbies of children will change a lot…the children won’t do exercise, they will be fat because all the boys and girls are going to stay every day at home playing with video games.

I hope that my dreams will not change in a lot of years…if these dreams change the world will be better without wars.

I don’t want the world to change and I believe that the world will become horrible,if we don’t care for it from now on.



_GoToSleep_ said...

HMmmmm I want fly too !!! xD

It can be good pension how from the reklam ;]]

See you ...

PatrykA said...

I like space ship