Monday, May 19, 2008

Justyna F. (1G)

When I'm 64:
Hi, I am Justyna and I am 64. I am a teacher in elementary school. I live in Lublin, in my cosy flat in a block, with my husband who is a computer scientist. One of my daughters live with us, she is a student at university. My second daughter lives in Lublin too but on the other end of Lublin. She has got a very nice husband and a sweet son. When I am 64 I am going to retire. I will live calmly in my lovely house and I am going to be an authentic grandmother.

Justyna F., class I "g"


Anonymous said...

nice photo! ;)

Gabriela 1g

kolja said...


how are you?

really nice future! I hope it became true!

best wishes Justyna!

IVAN 3ºA said...


your photo is very interesting..............because..........the broters ....