Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Olivia (I "G")

SHORT MEMOIR – Olivia Caley van Rebrige

She was born on 27 June 1994. She has got two children. Older daughter Kelly ( 28) and younger son Johnson ( 23). Fate wanted that in 2035 year, when Olivia was carried a child [ with Jonhson] her husband, famous director died in misadventure automobile. Patric Caley van Gebrige , was great and very experienced director. That's him exactly as first perceived and valued Olivia’s talent.

In 2014 they were working together on the film ‘’Say no,, .It exactly on this plane film it sparkled among them . ‘’This love was so huge , that everybody saw her. Olivia always before go in the plan said for me :Patric is hot ! I love him !,, Talk friend from plane.

Three years later (2017) Olivia played in romantic comedy ‘’ Haunted mother-in-law,,. In free time she was a model. She was representing firms such as : Prada, Chanel, Valentino.

In 2020 she get merried with Patric. Year 2021 was racine in her life. Proposed her multitude silos in many films:

  • 2021- ‘’ Love me firmy,,

  • 2023- ‘’My diary’’

  • 2024 - ‘’ Ocean’’

  • 2027 – ‘’ Moher my father,,

  • 2034 – ‘’ Lose hope,,

About Olivia talk > star XX century. When to the cinemas went film ‘’ Lose hope,,, Olivia get wind of that she is carry a child. That was shock. The best star go away. But of course no for long!

Least just like that thinked. Hard by breeded first child Olivia get wind of that she again is carry a child. And then happened this crash, and her husband died. Two years was staying mourning.

In 2035 Olivia received Oskar too played in film ‘’ Lose hope,,. Of course that didn’t end her career.

· 2040- ‘’ My child,,

· 2045- ‘’ Africa help ,, - film documentary – directed by Spielberg in Africa.

This film was stroke of genius Olivia’s, which was leading up chandry ‘’ Learn help,,. This chandry bringed Olivia huge renowi. She helped a lot of poor, afican child.

In 2053 she sickened on cancer. She wrote a book about fight with cancer, in which principally mentally was seeking suport on the spirit women too ill.

Year 2055 proved year value her ensemble previous job. She received reward Nobel’s.



Province where i live. : Brooklyn > that so great.

New York

Be a grandmother.

Theatrical art. – my life.

magazine PEOPLE 27 June 2058.

Olivia, class Ig


Kolja said...


She's beautifull lady! LOL

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I like the picture!
and your work of the future!


Anonymous said...

I hope your future will be as you imagine !

Angelika S

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Is it you future ? Famous star... I like it ;)

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Your plan is interesting:)

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Your dreams are really impressive and your work isn't also bad

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It's beautiful woman =] I like nice girs ;)) ^^

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beautiful doll