Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kasia O. (2g)

Kasia ...
Born on December 5th, 1993,
Resident of Lublin.
Responsible, talkative and sense of humor person,
Friend of Ola,
Who loves music, films and talking with people,
Who is afraid of spiders,
Who worries about herself and friends,
Who wants to see Tokio and Los Angeles,
And who dreams of being a good person and becoming a stewardess.

Kasia, class 2g


Justyna F. 2g said...

oooo good :D
haha :D
tokio super :D
good wishes :*

Justyna F. 2g said...
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ola p-j said...

You know who is this person :P:P

Tokio waiting for us:P

best wishes xD

mirek podlecki said...

hello . nice photo .
bye. bye.

Paweł 2g said...

best wishes

Blanca said...

How are you?
I love travel,and
I want know los Angeles too
very nice photo!


Vadim,8"B",Russia. said...

I intimately congratulate
With Christmas of all of you!
Happiness sincerely I wish
This light hour!
Let you will be lit up with light
From star height
Also will be executed æåëàíüÿ,
Plans and dreams.
Let unexpected good luck
Will excite blood.
And certainly, mean much
Friendship and love!
Good luk!!!!

Vadim,8"B", Russia. said...

Hello!!!!!!! nice photo......I am glad that you have written to me!!!