Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alvaro 3ºA

Born on July 10th 1994
Resident of Infiesto
Friend of Rodrigo
Who loves playing football, music and computer games
Who is afraid of spiders
Who worries about violence, and the future of the planet
Who wants to see America
And who dreams of becoming a journalist


_GoToSleep_ said...

WoW !

Ford Mustang GT is my favourite car !!!!


PatrykA said...

nicely made 4 point OPC

marcio311 said...

I love ford mustang GT!!!!

Alicja2i said...

Hi Alvaro! I loves music, afraid of spiders too.

Kasia 2g said...

Wow :)
nice photo xD Is it Mustang? ;P

By the way nice poem :)
Kiss :*

Asia Sz. said...

Hi Alvaro ;))

Your post it's very interesting !
This photo is fantastic !!!
I love this car :DD

greetings ;]

zaniu said...

ooo nice ford mustang GT in photo

sadzona said...


patryq94 said...


i like tuning cars it's amazing! xD
this photo is fantastic!

greetings ;]

Gregor said...

n/c car Mustang GT V8. Very very fast car :/

michcios999 said...

nice photo xD Is it Mustang

valentin 3b said...

Is a very beautiful comment because your poem is a very interesting and you foto very beautiful.

Rodrigo Gonzalez 3ºb said...

Hello Albaro.
I like this mustang gt.
I have this car one the game.

oscar 3ºB said...

the car is very good,
but you can put at David Villa.

michcios999 said...

Mustang GT

alberto said...

Hi terol.I like your photo very much and your poem is very interesting.

OLO1jJ said...

hi is you car is very good aanbd beatiful

dawid s 1j said...

hi,is very good car and betiful

mikolaj said...

is great photo... nice . I like a car ;p

Marcin G. 1b said...

Very nice car!!!

Piotr Mazur IB Poland said...

You have got a very nice car