Monday, October 27, 2008

Sara 4B Spain

Born on 9th july 1993
Resident of infiesto
Smiling,calm and honest
Friend of Blanca
Who loves music,motorbikes and meeting friends.
Who is afraid of snakes
Who worries about don’t pass exams
Who wants to see a lot of countries and famous people.
And who dreams of being rich.


Kasia 2g said...

Hahaha nice plans ;D
And by the way this isn't the same photo second time? ;D

Your friend has the same like you :)

Best wishes from Poland :*

Monika 2g said...

You all are sweet girls!
I love motors too,particulary harleys.

bye ;*

ozi said...

hi. very good photo.beautifully.nice to meet you

miedzio 2g said...

you are look very good girls ! <3

Wojtek 2g POLAND said...

You are very beautiful girls!!You are beautiful suntanned!

Zuzanna 1b said...

hey ;d

nice photo ;d
I think that you'r very interesting person xdd
I love music, too and I dream of begin rich, too ;d

greetings ;))

michcios990 said...

very good photo

michcios999 said...

Hahaha nice