Monday, October 27, 2008

simoneta 4ºb Spain

Born on January 31th , 1993
Resident of Infiesto.
Talkactive, funny and fashion.
Friend of my friends ,
Who loves music, shopping , sport
Who is afraid spiders !!!
Who worries exams , word warming and fashion trends
Who wants to see Egypt and New yorkAnd who dreams becoming a fisiotherapian


Kasia 2g said...

Do you afraid of trends? ;p Why? ;)

Nice poem xD
I have been in Egypt about three times xD

Nice place:)
Best wishes :*

MichalG said...

My dreams is spend holiday in Egypt.. beautiful place ;)

Marcin G. 1b said...

I wants to see Egipt too. It's wonderful place!

bartek1 b said...

Egypt is fantastic i've been there last holidays, but it's very hot ;p

Best wishes.