Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kyle, the USA

Born on December 6,1993
Resident of Mcdowell county
Fun, talkative, and cool
Friend of Chris,
Who loves basketball, football, and boxing
Who is afraid of snakes
Who worries about the Earth's climate
Who wants to see a famous country star
And who dreams of being a professional boxer.


Kasia 2g said...

Wow :) nice passion :)

You know?! I was born on 5th December 1993 ;)

I'm one day older than you ;)

Best wishes from me :*:*

MichalG said...

Good luck in boxing it's a great sport

Asia Sz. said...

boxer :D

I don't like boxing and basketball ... but I like football ;]]


tomek starszewski,przemek kusiak kl.2i lublin, poland said...

Is it your favourite sport?

IgOr and KuBa said...

Hi , photo is very fantastic.They like boxing , because boxing is our favourite sports.
Bye xD

bartek jezior said...

Wow :) nice passion :)
Nice photos!!

ozi said...

I very like boxing. Good photo.

Chris(WebMaster0Novak said...

Hello Kyle !!! Good photo. Boxing is great !!!! Hey !!!!!

mikolaj said...

is nice photo . I like boxing ;p

Paweł 2g said...

hI Kyle
I very like song ,,Kyli"

Ivan said...

Hi!!i like the football,go out with my friends,go to parties and watch the rallyes. i would like to practises the boxing.jeje!!

michcios999 said...

boxer :D Nice photos