Monday, October 27, 2008

John (c1), Greece

John Martiousof

Born on 21-1-1993

Resident of Drama

Funny,inteligent and patient

Friend of Lefteris Kotinakis

Who loves music, fishing and video games

Who is afraid of insects

Who worries abot death anything else

Who wants to see 50 cent and Russia

And who dreams of maybe want to be a professional fisherman


Kasia 2g said...

It is real something like "professional fishesman" ?
haha ;)
Nice job ;)

Best wishes :*

Bruno said...

Hi,I like the fishing and the video games too.

Ivan said...

Hello!I also like motorbike and msic!

vanesa said...

Hello!!do you realy like fishing?you are very patient!!

laura said...

I like your motorbike and music too.

alberto said...

Hello i like the motorbike and fishing.

Asia Sz. said...

wo fisherman :D

great photo,
greetings ;)

PatrykA said...

My bike is fast

Igor and Kuba said...

Good machine.xD
We like motorcycle.

A.B 1 jjjjjjjj said...

helo john is your bike is good:)

arek 1j said...

hello john your photo is very very good i like it

Agnieszka(2i) & Asia Sz. said...

Hello John ;***
We inteligent too , haha :D
Don't worries about death !!!

greetings :))

andrzej1b said...

I like fishing too.
You have a great motorbike.
Greetings from Lublin

Adrian and Mati 1B said...

Nice foto.

Martin 1b Lbn said...

The flag of Russia ?
Nice photo !
I like moto bike ! :D

alejandro said...

i love motos i have two mots

marian said...

I loves music and coputer games!
You are patient???
YOU Are a gOOd PeRsOn!!

I like motorbykes!!
nIcE photo

michcios999 said...

Good machine.xD
We like motorcycle.