Friday, October 24, 2008

Jennifer 3ºB Spain

Born on June 1st 1992
Resident of Villamayor
Clumsy, fun and gentle
Friend of Susana
Who loves music, TV and computer games
Who is afraid of sharks
Who worries about the future, my family and my life
Who wants to see Venice and Miami
And who dreams of becoming a singer


Asia Sz. said...

Hi Jennifer ;*
This photo is very very beautiful !

I want to see Miami and Venice too :)


Kasia 2g said...

I have been in Venice when I was abou 6 or 5 years ;)
But I want to see Miami too ;)

Very nice photo :)
Best wishes :*

Madzia W. 2g said...

Venice oh i have been there ...
It was great beautiful photo. You must go there. Best whishes :)

Alicja2i said...

Hi Jennifer! Your foto is beautiful!

I love music and I afraid of sharks too.

sadzona said...

nice photo;*

Chris(WebMaster)Novak said...

Hello Jennifer !!! I love is photo. Good post !!! Hey

ozi said...

Hi !!!! Good photo Jennifer !!! Goodbye