Friday, October 17, 2008

Jose 3ºC

Born on 1st November.
Resident of Infiesto, capital of Piloña.
Funny, active and intelligent.
Friend of Miriam, Alberto, Montse, Minuto…
Who loves animals, nature, TV and Spanish omelette.
Who is afraid of the teachers.
Who worries about violence.
Who wants to see England and New York.


Gabriela 2g said...

I love animals and I want to see England too.

PS. nice photo :)

Bartek 2g said...

"Who is afraid of the teachers." - as i see you dont like school... me too ^^

Dziunia 2i said...

Adorable Gooses ;)

LaHusa said...

I think, noone likes school. Of course i don't like it too :)
I think that we can make friends each other :)

Horse lover said...

School is horrible. there is no place for freedom. And geese are... I have no words to describe it1

Matthew^^1b said...

Funny birds! Greetings :)

Asia Sz. said...

Hi Jose ;))

I love animals and nature too .
New York is beautiful, yy supposedly

fantastic photo ! greetings ;)

Adrian 1B said...

I want to see an England too :-)

Alicja2i said...

I loves animals and this ducks are beautiful.

KasiaD (2i) said...

I love animals and nature, too.
Funny ducks!

alvaro said...

I like animals and waching tv

Claudia Peira said...

Hi Josito!
I also love the Spanish omelette! :)
and,also i love you!

marian.. said...

the photo is beautiful.
You are very funny,and intelligent.
iI want to see New York


moiSeS said...


I do not like ducks xDDD

they do nothing interesting


alberto said...

Hello mendez .I like your photo very much.I like the duks very much.

zaniu said...

i never eat Spanish omelette.

beautiful duck ^^

PatrykA said...

I loves animals and this ducks are beautiful.

vanesa 3ºa said...

hi pepe!!!!!!!
nice photo!! I like ducks
I´m the same I LIKE OMELETTE!!!!



vanesa 3ºA said...

hi pepe!!!
nice photo!!I like ducks!!
I´m the same i like OMELETTE!!!!