Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alejandro 3ºA

Born in Oviedo
Resident of Torín
Funny, friendly and patient
Friend of David
Who loves football, basketball and tennis
Who is afraid of bees
Who worries about violence, death and the future of the planet
Who wants to see America and Africa
And who dreams of going to Africa


_GoToSleep_ said...


^^ i love cross ;] I have a quad :P

RedBull Xfighters ? ;]

PatrykA said...

how over strike

marcio311 said...

YO!!!! motocross i love this!!

Kasia 2g said...

Mmm.. ;D
You are sportmen ;)
I like it.. xD

Best wishes :*

Asia Sz. said...

Oh, tennis is very interesting ;)

I want to see America too !
Greetings ;]]

zaniu said...

i love play football and basketball too...
nice bike ;)

Asia Sz. said...

And this photo is fantastic !

marcio311 said...

super evolution this photo is fantastic!!

sadzona said...

me too!

This very nice sport!
but not for me ;P

patryq94 said...

very nice photo!!
i love cross! i have ^^
i like sports too ;))
Greetings ;]

Gregor said...

Motocross i love this!! Very excyting sports

Patryka said...

fantastic formulation

MARIA.M said...

Hi Alee!!

How are you??¿

I like photoo!!XD!!


michcios999 said...

i love RedBull Xfighters

dawid s 1j said...

hi ,is very very good motocycle

arek 1j said...

hi alejandro my name is arek this sport is very dangerous but is very beatuful and exciting bye

kniecik 1 i said...

Very amazing foto. I love motocross:))