Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iván 3ºA

Born on March 21st, 1993
Resident of Ques
Quiet, friendly and impatient
Friend of Adrián
Who loves football, going out with friends and eating with my friends
Who is afraid of nuclear war
Who worries about climatic change
Who wants to see the Caribbean
And who dreams of becoming a rich man


PatrykA said...

goog honest goog

_GoToSleep_ said...


Nice car

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ^^

marcio311 said...

OOOOOO good car Mitsubishi
i love car and motobike

Kasia 2g said...

Wow xD
If you become to be rich men I will be your wife ;PP and we can go to Carribean together .. ;)
I'm joking of course ;)

By the way nice photo :)
best wishes from me :*:*

Asia Sz. said...

Hi Ivan :)
I like going out with friends too.

This photo is fantastic !
I love sports car.

greetings .

PatrykA said...

who this lead

patryq94 said...

i like spending free time with friends too..this is fantastic;)

...nice mitsubishi xD
i like car racing ;-)

Gregor said...

good car Mitsubishi better Subaru STI. Mitsubishi beautiful quick car

michcios999 said...

Mitsubishi beautiful

Tamara 4º A said...


A nice photo!!!
A like the rallys very much and also football!!
I want to see the CUBA!!!


michcios999 said...

A nice photo

arek 1j said...

hi ivan im arek your car is very good i like it

Adrian Kędzierski said...

Your car?
Very good...

alvaro said...

I loves a car