Monday, October 27, 2008

Laura 4º B Spain

Laura Gonzalez.

Born on 7-10-1993.

Resident of Moñes.

Talkative, not calm and funny.

Friend of my friends.

Who loves music, animals and go out with my friends.

Who is afraid of snakes.

Who worries about future.

Who wants to see a lot of countries and the peace in all places.

And who dreams of having a good future with a good people around me and a lot of luck.


Kasia 2g said...

Nice dreams ;P
Really ;)
I like go out with my friends too ;D

Best wiashes from me :*

Madzia L. & Kasia K. 2i said...

We like music too!

And we are afraid of spiders too!

maryan said...

hello laura!!
you are very very funny!!
I loves music and animals.

Anonymous said...

hey laura!!!
i am jenny from villamyor

i like animals with you

xao bss


Francisco said...

hello! my name is Francisco and my surname is Reis.



Big kiss