Monday, October 6, 2008

Małgosia (1b)

Born on 17th April, 1995
Resident of Lublin,
Crazy, unforseen and talkative but sensitive,
Friend of many people,
Who loves fun, music and fruit,
Who is afraid of the end of world,
Who worries about violence, bad marks and unacceptance,
Who wants to see New York and Spain,
And who dreams of studying at Yale University and becoming a doctor or lawyer.

Małgosia, class 1b


friend said...

Maybe we will meet in New York some day - visiting this city is my dream too.
I wish you all the best.

Zwijka said...

The beautiful foto of your fantastic person! What are you thinking about on the foto?

Aga 1b said...

Why are you so sad? :(

twilight... ;)

Goldilocks said...

Do you know that this Yale University is mentioned in "Eclipse" ("Zaćmienie")? I thought you wrote it because Edward wanted to study there but Aga told me you haven't read third book yet.

Gosiaa ^^ said...

To Goldilocks: No i don't want to study at Yale because Edward want. I want it. I haven't read "Eclipse" yet.
To Aga: i'm not sad ;P
To zwijka: thanks but i don't think so. it's not beautiful photo.
and i must say somethingg:

Edwardd ;*
don't comment it ;)

Paweł 2g said...

You must be very friendly

żabka said...

Gosia ;)
Beautiful photo.
Like U so much ;*

Aga 1b said...

give me twilight !!!

Are you going to be a doctor ...? me ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Malgosia!
I'm a girl from Spain,
I'm also worry about marks and violence!
I also wants to see NY.
I hope you becoming a doctor!
Good luck