Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moisés 3ºB

Born on July 13th 1993
Resident of Infiesto
Friend of Richard
Who loves punk music, cinema and drawing
Who is afraid of bad music
Who worries about racism and violence
Who wants to see London
Who dreams of a house in the mountains


Anonymous said...

people against racism. :> great!:)

Monika 2g said...

racism is a big problem in the world... it's good that you try to fight it.

Paweł 2g said...

I want to see London too

Bartek 2g said...

True, show racism the red card.

paulbuch said...

hi! nice to meet you. I don't like bad music too:)

Nana said...

Nice photo :)

Adrian 1B said...

I don't like racism too

Martin 1b Lbn said...

Maby I and my friends will go to London! Breetings !

Matthew^^1b said...

Hello! I don't like racism too!

Kuba1b said...

I love music, but rock, not punk, meabye punk rock, but I prefer alternative & hard. Nice work

mathew and bartek 1b said...

Hi !!
How are you ?? ;d
Punk music it's fantastic we listen them all the day !!
And you pictue is cool !!

Bye bye !!!

Marcin G. 1b said...

Funny picture!!!!!!

Asia Sz. said...

Hi ;))
I love drawing too ;)) !
Supposedly London is fantastic.

House in the mountains ?
Oh it's beautiful !

LaHusa said...

Racism is not ok
You're ok :D
thank you :)

_GoToSleep_ said...

nice tekst + for you ;] see you

Alicja2i said...

Hi! I wants to see London too.

MaGdA said...

i like cinema too ;D

but i don't like a punk music:(

bye ...

banan said...

This nice photo.I like London

olivka said...

nice photo FUNNY, HEHEHE

racism........ ;ppppp

Claudia Peira said...

Hi Moises!
friend of richard :'(
Thank you for to mention myself
LOL... :P

I also love you

jenny said...


i hate violence like you




PatrykA said...

nice photo FUNNY, HEHEHE

michcios999 said...

Funny picture?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

Luana said...

Your english is perfect. xD

Bye. :D