Monday, October 27, 2008

Miguel 4º B Spain


Born on July 17th, 1994

Resident of Villamayor.

Thinker, romantic and good friend,

Friend of all the world,

Who loves music, literature and drawing,

Who is afraid of the society,

Who worries about poorness, inculture and wars,

Who wants to see a happy world,

And who dreams of living happy.


Kasia 2g said...

Very nice poem ;)
You are possitiv person :)

Bye Bye :*

Monika 2g said...

If in this world won't be a romantic people... human feelings will die.
so... It's great that you are .;)
I think you're very interesting personality.

bye ;*

Gracia 3B =P said...

Do you live in Villamayor?
I think that you live in San Roman.
You are a good friend
Bye kisses

Ama95lbn said...

Hi Miguel ! ;)
This book it looks as if it was fairy !

...NaTy... said...

How are you in 4º???

bye !!