Monday, October 27, 2008

Andrea 4ºB Spain

Born on May 21st 1993

Resident of Infiesto

Shy, talkative and happy

Friend of all my friends

Who loves music, cats and books of teenagers

Who afraid of fail a subject

Who worries about the war, the injustice and the maltreat

Who wants to see America, France, Italy, Greece and famous people

And who dreams of becoming an important writer and win a lot of money


Asia Sz. said...

Hi Andrea ;*

Avril Lavigne is the best !!
And this photo is the best !!

I'm happy too :DD
I want to see America, France, Italy and Greece too.

Greetings ;)

Kasia 2g said...

You should have luck ;P
To win much money ;))

I wish you that :)

Kiss :*:*

Ania Król said...

Hi Andrea !
Cool photo :D
I like Avril Lavigne too ;)
Bye ^^

Arek.B said...

fu jakie brzydkie.

Agnieszka(2i) said...

i love Avril Lavigne
she is the best
greetings ;*

Aguśna & krymkagoska said...

dear Andrea :)
We like Avril Lavigne too...
bicouse she sing punk-song!
Greetings :):) bye :*

Aga 1b said...

hi :)

I like Avril too .
She is the best ;)

greetings ;)

żabka said...

Do U like Avril?
She's the best.
I and my friend like her so much! ;)

Best wishes ;D

Kathe;) said...

I love Avril
she is fantastic!!!

Magdża said...

Wow :)
I love Avril ... she is best ^^
KIss for you ;*

Patrycja and Kasia said...

Avril is the best singer!:D We love
her song!