Saturday, October 18, 2008

Claudia Victorero 3ºC

Born on September 6th, 1994
Resident of Coya
Funny, active and confident
Friend of María
Who loves horses, music and watching TV
Who is afraid of spiders and snakes
Who wants to see the Caribbean


Alicja 2i said...

Hi Claudia! I loves horses, music and watching, too.

Dziunia 2 i said...

I like watching tv and music...;)
And afraid of spiders.
And very very nice horse ;d

Kinga (1 b) said...

Hello Claudia (;!
I love horses too.
How are you?
Bye :).

Horse lover said...

I love horses too. Who ride on horse, ride on wind.:-)

LaHusa said...

How the weather looks like now in Spain? I really like your photo :)

Zuzanna 1b said...

I want to see Caribbean, and I love watching TV and listening to music, too.

Adrian 1B said...

I'm afraid of snakes and love watching TV and listening to music too

sadzio1 said...

hi my name is michał i love hors to but i like better elephant becouse elephand has got very big ears and i have very big ears.i love to fish i love fishing i fishing every moth i usually go to mazury on mazury is the biggest lake in poland

Martin 1b Lbn said...

I like horrors too ! :d
I like music and tv !
Foto is Super !
I love Horse and all of aniomals or almoust !

paulbuch said...

Hi Claudia! We like similar things.Your photo is beautiful!I like horses. Do you like cats or other animals?

Bartek 2g said...

But i want to see Caribbean too ;p

MaGdA said...

hi Claudia!
I like horses,but I loves music and watching TV.

Nice photo ;*

Monika 2g said...

Horses are very wise animals. They have souls I think.
bye :)

maryan.. said...


I loves listen music,watchtching tv and horses...

I like your horses


sadzona said...

this horse is very nice!
dark brown horse!

Claudia great!

Aga 1b said...

Hi Claudia :)

I like horses too. Horses are the most beautiful animals in the world :)

*Jenny* said...

are very beautifull horses