Monday, October 6, 2008

Andrzej (1b)


Born of 14th 1995

Resident of Lublin

Cheerful,talkative and optional

Friend of Peter

Who loves animals, books and computer games

Who is afraid of monsters

Who worries about health of his fishes and future of Poland

Who wants to see Madagascar and Yellowstone

And who dreams of becoming a veterinary surgeon.

Andrzej, class 1b


friend said...

Congratulations on your medal. You must be very good at fishing.

laura said...

we have a little in common.
I like animals too.

Michal 1b said...

I hope you catch a very very big fish :)

PatrykA said...

famili meeting

Cristina Avila 4ª said...


I read your poem and I afraid the monsters too¡¡¡