Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lucia, Spain

Born on May 5th, 1994.
Resident of Infiesto.
Nice and sometimes disobedient and untidy.
Friend of Gracia.
Who loves ski, animals and visiting other countries.
Who afraid of long snakes.
Who worries about darkness and not passing the exams.
Who wants to see Hollywood.
And who dreams of beacoming a doctor.


Asia Sz. said...

Hi Lucia ;*

This dog is very, very beautiful and sweet!
I love dogs :))

andd I want to see Hollywood too ;P
greetings from Poland.

Kasia 2g said...

Very nice photo :))

I want to see Hollywood too xD
I think that's wonderfulm place !

Best wishes from Poland :*

Marcin G. 1b said...

Beautifull dog!!!
Greetings from Lublin!

sadzona said...

nice puppy;)


mateusz said...


Yeah , very nice photo.

This dog is very nice.Ilove dogs too ^^.


bank said...

sweet dog. How old is your dog??

mikolaj said...

a sweet photo xd
I love dog ;p very nice ;p

lukasz pietron ij said...

nice puppy! I like animal

Drodi and Kufi said...

Beautiful dog:P

Igor and Kuba said...

Hi, We like black labradors.Your dog is very beautiful.
Bye xD

kacper sitarz said...

nice photo

Paweł 2g said...

what's the name of this dog ??

pitt 2g said...

Your dog is lovely!
I love animals

Alexia2iPoland said...

Beautifull dog!

agnieszka(2i) said...

nice dog i love dogs too

Alicja2i said...

Nice dog!!! I loves animals, ski, I wants to see Hollywood too.

Kasia D 2i said...

Beautiful dog. I wants to see Hollywood too.

Aguśna & krymkagoska said...

ohhh... so delicious :):) We loves small dogs too... :) hauuu :):)
greeting :)

żabka said...

Oh...This dog is very nice and funny.
I like it. ;)
Is it yours?

paulbuch said...

Oh,sweet dog!

Kinga (1 b) said...

Hello ;))
Is this your dog? It's very beautiful ;)!
Greetings ;).

Ania Król said...

Hi Lucia ^^
I want to see Hollywood too ;)
Your dog is really sweet :)
Bye :D

Zwijka said...

hi !
Your dog is the most beautiful I have ever seen !
I want to have a similar pet ..

greetings ;**

horse lover said...

This dog is...extraordinary

jasiek1b said...

Nice dog!
I love animals too.
Greetings from Lublin!

Adrian and Mati 1B said...

Super dog :)
Nice poem :)

Piotr Mazur IB Poland said...

Lovely dog!!!He is very cute

Matthew^^1b said...

Super dog!

Martin 1b Lbn said...

Wow !
This is your dog ??
mmm I have 4 dogs !
I want to see Hollywood too !

Karol 1b POLAND said...

Wow nioce dog
I like dog
I have a yorkshare terrier

Amanda&ola said...

Very sweet ! :) We love dogs and cats

Oleczka 1i said...

Hi Lucia...:*
This is very sweet dog...^^ is beautiful...;)

Patrycja and Kasia said...

We love dogs.Your dog is very sweeat!

Aneta 1i said...

Very sweet doggy:))

LaHusa said...

very nice and sweet puppy!!!

michcios999 said...

Very nice photo love dog

michcios999 said...

Very nice photo

michcios999 said...

beautiful dog