Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gabrysia (2g)

Born on 8th July 1994,
Thoughtful, controlled and brave.
Friend of Diana,
Who loves music, dance and animals,
Who is afraid of big spiders,
Who worries about aminmals in the wild and poverty,
Who wants to see Greece and London.
And who dreams of travel around the world.

Gabrysia, class 2g


maria moran said...


how are you??
Ilike animals and listening to music..

I love horses and cars.
I hate examns.
I also want to see London.

Isabel said...

We have a lot in commun. I like animals, I love a dogs. I have a dog its name's Diana. She is very beautiful and intelligent.

Esther said...

HELLO Gabrysia
My name is Esther.
Born on 14th June 1994, I live in Infiesto .
We have a lot in common.
I also love music, dancing and animals
and I also want to see Greece and I dream of travelling around world

alberto said...

Hello.I like your photo very much. I like the animals very much.

Michal 1b said...

very nice photo :P

Paweł 2g said...

Very funny photo ;s

patryq94 said...


crazy photo ;P
i like fell wind in hair too ;P
but i don't have big ear ;))

PatrykA said...

my familiar have such dog

marcio311 said...


this dog is fantastic


michcios999 said...

very nice photo

michcios said...

this dog is fantastic hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa

Paweł 2g said...

it is ,,kłapouchy" ??
kłapouchy is donkey !!

Dziunia 2 i said...

Very nice photo ;)
And I too afraid of spider...

alejandro spain said...

i like dog I two dogs of hunt