Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rodrigo Toraño 3ºB, Spain


Born on January 10th, 1994,

Resident of La Goleta.

Tidy, funny and kind,

Who loves Elvis’ music, western films and fantastic books,

Who is afraid of nothing,

Who is worries about himself, his family and his friends,

Who wants to see All the world and space,

And who dreams of becoming rich and lucky.


Kasia 2g said...

Nice plans ;P
About your future xD

And funny photo ;)
Byee :*

Asia Sz. said...

hi ;)
O Elvis :D
Afraid of nothing? wow!
I want to see all the world too.
greetings :]

mateusz said...

Oh yes !

I love Elvis too !!! :)

I think that he live yet xD
The same how his fans.


kacper sitarz said...

nice photo

mire podlecki said...

nice photo

Paweł 2g said...

Elvis is king

Alicja2i said...

Hi! I love fantastic books too.

Ania_eS said...

i like Elvis too ;) jeach

Nana said...

I lile Elvis very nice photo ... Nice surname heh Greetings *.*

paulbuch said...

I want to be rich and lucky too.

aga warga. said...

Oh I know someone who loves ELIS too. Who do not want to be rich ????????????????????????

Zwijka said...

Elvis is cool !
Do you think he is still alive??

greetings ;)

Zuzanna 1b said...

I think that Elvis is OK.
I can't understand that you're afraid of nothing. I think that everybody is afraid of something.
You're very interesting person.

greetings ;*

horse lover said...

It isn't good time to live for you. You should be born some time ago.

Matthew^^1b said...

Gracjan Roztocki is better than Elvis!

Anonymous said...

Rodrigo I'm Manuel from 4ºB I like your tastes, but I prefer other types of music like Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Offspring.

alvaro said...

You aren´t the king

dany said...

hello ,yes elvis is the king