Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David 3º A

Born on June 21st, 1992
Resident of InfiestoClumsy, cheerful and generous
Friend of Vanesa
Who loves hip hop, football and skateboarding
Who is afraid of spiders
Who wants to see California and New York
and who dreams of becoming a hip hop singer


Paulina B. said...

I too like hip hop,but I dance hip hop :)

Kasia 2g said...

Wow :)
You can dance like this? :)
And you wany to be hip hop singer.. nice :) I like it ;)

I want to invite New York and California too ;)
Best wishes :*

_GoToSleep_ said...

O.o I like dance hip-hop :P

I am medium dancer ^^

joke ;]

paulbuch said...

I am afraid of spiders too. I hope you wiil a good hip hop singer.
Good luck!

marcio311 said...

OHHHHHH i love hip-hop
but I'm bored dancer
I can't dance ;(

Alicja2i said...

Hi David! I afraid of spiders,wants to see California and New York too.

Asia Sz. said...

Hi David ;*

I love hip-hop !!
I want to see California and New York too :)

This photo is perfect .
greetings :]

zaniu said...

your favourite hip hop singer is??

patryq94 said...

amazing photo! ^^
windmil on head?? xD
very nice ;)

Ania Król said...

Hi :D
I also like hip hop ! :D
Who's your favourite hip hop singer?? Mine is Eminem :)
Bye ;)

PatrykA said...

O.o I like dance hip-hop :P

michcios999 said...

I like dance hip-hop

PatrykA said...

amazing photo! ^
windmil on head?? xD
very nice ;)

Agnieszka(2i) said...

oh you want to see New York me too

Madzia W. 2g said...

I love hip hop I love dancing ! great photo I like your post.

MichalG said...

Hip-hop is the best music...
Breakdance is the best dance...

Ania_eS said...

i love hip-hop very much ;) it's fantastic dance style ;)
I like you ;)

LaHusa said...

Hip-hop is very goooood dance!!
hip-hop rulez!!!!

andrzej1b said...

I like hip hop and computer games too.
Greetings from Lublin.

Anonymous said...

I like hip-hop, too!
It's great!
Very cool!