Monday, October 27, 2008

Fernando 4ºB Spain

Fernando Martinez Lavandera

Born on November 29th, 1993

Resident of Biedes

Friendly, pacific and bibliophile

Friend of my friend

Who loves ski, books

Who is afraid of Franco’s resurrection

Who worries about the decadences of Spain

Who wants to see Canada and Nepal

And who dreams of becoming to a millionaire


Asia Sz. said...

Hi Fernando.
woow millionaire :D

great photo, greetings ;)

Kasia 2g said...

Milionaire? ;D
Sounds really good ;)
If you will be a milionnare I will be your wife .. ;D

Hahaha I am joking of course ;D

Best wishes :*:*

Tiger 2g said...

I love books, and skiing too! :D
Money, Money, Money!!! xD

Moises! said...

I did not become clear to your stance toward the Franco dictatorship

What side are you?

Maciuek IIg said...

I wish you that!
I don't like books ;(

Agnieszka(2i) said...

i love reading books too
greetings ;*

żabka said...

oh...I think a lot of people want to be a milioneres. It's very nice. ;)
Best wishes!

horse lover said...

Do you know anybody who don't want to be millionaire?

Matthew^^1b said...


Patrycja and Kasia said...

We likes very interesting books:).
Spain is beautiful!

Ama95lbn said...

Hi fernando :)
woow !
Do you like read a book ?
I don't like reading a book !

paulbuch said...

Hi Fernando!
I dream of becoming a milionaire too but I don't like books.