Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cody Burns, the USA

Cody Burns

Born on May 3,1993
Resident of McDowell county
Funny, kind, and annoying
Friend of Casey
Who loves games, riding dirt bikes and my girlfriend
Who is not afraid of anyone
Who worries about my mom and my girlfriend
Who would like to see JJ Redick and T.I
Who dreams of becoming a famous dirt bike rider one day.


Kasia 2g said...

I wish you that :))

I think you are nice person :) who doesn't afraid of no one ;) haha xD

Best wishes to you and your girlfriend :*

rodrigo 3b said...

I am very happy for the new people in this blog.
I like the motorbikes the same as you.

PatrykA said...

I like cross

MichalGTomekK said...

great bike

Maciek IIG said...

Listen, I tell you true...
If you want be "famous dirt rider" you schould practise a lot and find sponsor ;)!
I wish you that!!!

alejandro spain said...

i have two motorbikes

alvaro said...

I like the motorbikes the same as you.

molina said...

hey!!how are you??i like your photo.I also like riding dirt bikes and my girlfriend.:-)