Friday, October 10, 2008

Paulina B. (2f)

Born on October 18th, 1994,
Resident of Lublin.
Honest, crazy, sociable,
Friend of Agata,
Who loves music, dance - hip-hop and dogs ,
Who worries about environment, family and friends ,
Who wants to see New York and group RBD.
And who dreams of meeting Matt Pokora.

Paulina, class 2f


Friend said...

Great photos!

Bruno said...

Hello,I was born in October too.HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Marian said...

happy birthay!!
I likes hip-hop and dogs.
I loves RBD,is a fantastic group.
I´m friendly,cheerful and crazy.

MC.dVdR said...

I also like hip-hop and I have a group called "x.x.l" and also want to see new york.


Paulina B. said...

Thanks :) my birthday are tomorrow :P

Bartek said...

Hello. I like your photo very much.We are very similar because I love playing computer games and the football.

kelly said...

I like music hip-hop
and dogs the photo is cool
bye [kelly].

MoiSeS said...

if you like hip hop ..

How can like RBD?

a greeting!

molina said...

Hi paulina.I like your photo.sorry but i don't like RBD.

marcio311 said...

nice photo!!

Gracia =P 3B said...

my name is Gracia
I was born one month later than you.

Lucía said...

Hi!!! I like very much your photo are fantastic!
Is very nice...
your descripcion is very enteresant.
xd..) bye bye