Thursday, October 23, 2008

Valentín 3B

Born on April 8th 1994
Resident of Infiesto (Asturias)
Good-mannered, good companion and nervous,
Friend of Rodrigo,
Who loves Formula - one ,sport and Sporting Football Club
Who is afraid of the destruction of the planet,
Who worries about violence ,fight and murder,
Who wants to see America and Argentina,
And who dreams of piloting racing cars.


Kasia 2g said...

We, in Poland, have one pilot racing cars ;)
Maybe you will heard about he xD

Nice poem :*
Best wishes :))

zaniu said...

I love f1 too
Winner in this season is massa :D

_GoToSleep_ said...

nice profil

Asia Sz. said...

Hi Valentin !
I born in April too :]]

Very interesting post.
greetings ;*

montse 3ºC said...

Hello tintin!!

Alonsooo!! the best!

the next champion will be Alonso!

bye tin!

michcios999 said...

I love f1 kubica

Alicja 2i said...

Hi Valentin!
I think that you be interesting person.

I wants to see America and Argentina too.

alberto said...

Hello valentin.I like the formula1 and Fernando alonso.

Michał.D Marcin.K said...

I like F1:P:P Nice photo:>

LaHusa said...

I like formula 1 tooo
And Kubica is better than Fernando Alonso
yeah :)

Ania_eS said...

wow. i love f1 too ;) and i think that Kubica is the best !